ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow | Vintage-Inspired Shades for Effortless Makeup | Limited-Edition Eye Shadow Palette


The vintage-inspired color combo is like a warm embrace of sunlight, and the textures are a dream. The Air Matte Texture feels weightless on the skin, while the Jewel Glitter adds a touch of glamour.

What I love most is the highly adhesive yet moist formula that ensures the particles adhere perfectly, creating transparently glowing eye makeup.

Plus, the sweet vanilla scent of Honey Mellow adds a delightful sensory experience. This limited-edition palette is a must-have for anyone who appreciates effortless beauty with a touch of vintage charm!🍯

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The ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow palette is perfect for creating simple and fast makeup looks with a vintage touch. The vintage-inspired color combo, reminiscent of a warm sunlight filter, offers harmonious shades highlighted by sun-ripe yellow. This limited-edition eye shadow palette is versatile and suitable for various occasions.

Whether you’re heading to work, going for a casual outing, or attending a special event, the Honey Mellow palette provides the ideal color selection for effortless and timeless beauty.

Its new Air Matte Texture feels light as air and softly caresses the skin, making it perfect for creating high-purity, pigmented eye makeup without the stuffy feel. Elevate your makeup routine with the deliciously sweet vanilla scent that encapsulates the Honey Mellow sensibility.

Vintage Color Combo: The ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow palette features a vintage color combo that brings warmth and sunlight-inspired hues to your makeup routine. The harmonious blend of colors, especially the sun-ripe yellow, completes the Honey Mellow Look with a touch of vintage charm. This palette is designed for those who appreciate the timeless beauty of vintage-inspired shades.

New Air Matte Texture: Experience the innovative Air Matte Texture of the Honey Mellow palette, offering a soft and weightless feel on the skin. This new texture allows for effortless application, providing a seamless and comfortable makeup experience. The colors blend smoothly, creating a natural and flawless finish that enhances your eyes with a touch of vintage elegance.

New Jewel Glitter: The palette introduces the New Jewel Glitter, elevating your eye makeup with high sparkles reminiscent of studded gems. The glitter particles add a glamorous touch to your look, making your eyes stand out with a dazzling sparkle. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or a bold statement, the Jewel Glitter in this palette has you covered.

Highly Adhesive Yet Moist Formula: Enjoy the benefits of a highly adhesive yet moist formula with the Honey Mellow palette. The beautifully glowing particles adhere perfectly to the skin without flyaways or a stuffy look. This ensures that your eye makeup stays in place, creating transparently glowing looks that last throughout the day.

Transparently Glowing Eye Makeup: Achieve transparently glowing eye makeup looks with the ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow palette. The combination of the vintage color combo and the highly adhesive formula creates eye looks that are radiant and captivating. Embrace the effortless beauty of transparently glowing eyes with this limited-edition palette.

Light as Air and Softly Caressing: The Air Matte Texture of this palette not only feels light as air but also softly caresses the skin. The texture ensures high-purity and pigmentation colors without the heavy or stuffy sensation. Enjoy a makeup experience that is comfortable, weightless, and enhances your natural beauty with a touch of vintage sophistication.

Deliciously Sweet Vanilla Scent: Immerse yourself in the delightful sensory experience of the Honey Mellow sensibility with its deliciously sweet vanilla scent. The subtle fragrance adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your makeup routine, making it a pleasurable and sensory-rich experience every time you use the palette.

Limited-Edition Appeal: The ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow palette is not just a makeup product; it’s a limited-edition piece that adds a touch of exclusivity to your beauty collection.

Don’t miss the opportunity to own this unique palette with vintage-inspired shades and innovative textures. Elevate your makeup routine with the sophistication and charm of this limited-edition Honey Mellow palette.

Feature Specification
Color Combo Vintage-inspired with sun-ripe yellow
Textures Air Matte Texture, New Jewel Glitter
Formula Highly adhesive yet moist
Glitter Effect High sparkles like studded gems
Application Effortless and seamless
Longevity Lasting transparently glowing eye makeup
Fragrance Deliciously sweet vanilla scent
Edition Limited-Edition

Indulge in the vintage charm and effortless beauty of the ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow palette – a limited-edition masterpiece for your makeup collection!


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