Eye Shadow Palette Book Honey Mellow


ESPOIR 2020 S/S Look E book Honey Mellow | Classic Shade Combo to Create Simple & Fast Make-up Seems to be | Restricted-Version Eye Shadow Palette

  • VINTAGE COLOR COMBO: Heat daylight filter-like colours. Harmonious vintage-inspired colours highlighting sun-ripe yellow full the Honey Mellow Look tinged in yellow underneath the solar


  • ALL THE NEW TEXTURES: New Air Matte Texture softly wrapping your pores and skin like air & NEW Jewel Glitter giving excessive sparkles like studded gems
  • HIGHLY ADHESIVE YET MOIST: Fantastically glowing particles like gems completely adhere to pores and skin with out flyaways or stuffy look. Create transparently glowing eye make-up seems
  • LIGHT AS AIR and SOFTLY CARESSING: The feel provides high-purity and pigmentation colours with out wanting stuffy
  • Savor the deliciously candy VANILLA SCENT of Honey Mellow sensibility


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